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Dock Fender

Selling dock fenders at cheap prices

Dock fenders are also known as rubber fenders. This product is mounted on a pier or port that functions as a rubber cushion that dampens the collision between the hull and the dock when the ship approaches the dock or port. Dock fenders are designed from high quality rubber material that is sturdy and able to absorb impact properly without damaging the hull and the pier.

The reasonably priced dock fender makes it a very effective solution to prevent damage to the hull due to collisions with the dock. We provide various models of dock fenders, including type V dock fenders, PL type dock fenders, cell type dock fenders and others.

Excess dock fender

- Are elastic and easy to compress
- Has a high energy absorption
- Weather resistant.

The main purpose of installing rubber fenders or dock fender docks is to absorb impact energy or to reduce the risk of damage to the ship, boat or dock itself that will occur due to collisions with the pier walls during the anchoring process.
Our products are of superior quality so they can be relied upon for a long service life.

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