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Speed Bumper

Selling speed bumpers at cheap prices

Speed ​​bumper is a rubber product that is mounted on a road body that aims to give the driver a sign to reduce the speed of his vehicle. Speed ​​bumper is also known as rubber bumper. This product is manufactured from a choice of rubber material that is sturdy and strong so that it is not easily damaged when run over by a car or other vehicle. Speed ​​bumpers are designed with a certain flexibility to be able to reduce the vibration of vehicles passing through it.

The affordable bumper prices make this product a solution for road safety. Speed ​​bumpers are mostly covered in complexes and small streets that are densely populated. In addition to speed bumpers, we also provide bumper covers which are generally installed at the end of the rubber bumper.

Our products have guaranteed quality and quality so they can be used for a long service life.
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